This little handy tool will tell you what mark you need in order to pass a module.

Step 1
Click "Add" for every coursework.
For example, if the module has 2 assignments and one midterm exam, click 3 times the "Add"

Step 2
Add the weight of each assigment.
For example, for the first two assignments we enter 10% and the midterm 40%

Step 3
Add your mark for each assigment.
For example, for the first assignment 86, the second 78 and for the midterm 74

Step 4
Set the minimum mark required in order to pass the module and the maximum possible mark
For example, minimum is 65, maximum is 100

Step 5
Click calculate and see what are the results!

Example was taken from Yahoo Answers: Calculate Grade needed to pass by Percentage?
I am getting 'You have an error'
Currently there is a problem when you remove any assigment other than the last. Try clicking the "Clear" button and doing it all over. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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In any case, thank you! ;)
Version 1.4.2 - 3 May 2012
by Panagiotis Peikidis
  • [ WEIGHT ]     [ GRADE ]
  • %
Minimum to pass:
Maximum grade:
Step 1
Add your grades by clicking "Add Grade" and entering:
    Your grade in the right box
    The weight of the module in regards to the final grade in the left
Step 2
On the far right you set:
The minimum grade to pass the module
And the maximum grade you can score in the module
Step 3
Click Calculate!
In the final exam (which counts 100% towards the overall score) you need to get a grade of at least 50 to pass the course.

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Created by pekalicious, inspired by Mr. Thanos Hatziapostolous Final Grade Calculator