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Welcome to pek's Java Corner

Here you will find a set of Java applications I have developed over time. Most (if not all) are experiments with Java. They all run using Java WebStart.

Java Applications

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RPG - demo

added on Mar 10, 2006 by Panagiotis Peikidis

A small game we developed experimentally. The code was a mess, so we dropped it. Here is what has been left.

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added on Oct 16, 2009 by Panagiotis Peikidis

This little tool will convert an animated image FROM a gif file TO a single png sprite sheet.

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added on Mar 25, 2008 by Panagiotis Peikidis

The second project of the Dive In series, the JSnake. A basic Snake game implementation.

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added on Feb 24, 2008 by Panagiotis Peikidis

A small game I created from scratch in my blog Dive In: JSameGame - pekalicious.

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added on Jul 23, 2011 by Panagiotis Peikidis

A complicated clone of Yathzee

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Interactive JPanel in JTable

added on Aug 31, 2010 by Panagiotis Peikidis

Source code for my article Custom JPanel cell with JButtons in JTable

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House of Cards

added on Feb 10, 2009 by Panagiotis Peikidis

Yet another practical, this time for Object Oriented Programming. It's a simple fun card game.

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added on Feb 13, 2008 by Panagiotis Peikidis

A practical we had in Programming Methology & Design at City College.

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