Software Engineer

I'm a passionate developer who constantly evolves. I try to learn as much as I can and never limit myself in one programming language or technology. I'm always the right tool for the job!

  • Panagiotis "pek" Peikidis
  • December 18, 1983
  • Astoria, NY
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  • Game Engineer2013 - Present

    TURBO Studios

    Super Secret Project
    - Core systems
    - Animation pipeline
    - Other secret stuff

  • Senior Client Engineer2011 - 2013

    Large Animal Games

    - Developed an automated-build system for Unity that was used by multiple teams.
    USA Character Cards (iOS)
    - Lead Engineer
    Luck Cruise Slots (Facebook game)
    - Responsible for developing core functionality of the game including slot machine feature architecture, dialog system and many more.
    - Maintained and managed the bug tracking system
    Nomsters (iOS game)
    - Implemented Facebook Open Graph actions and Achievements.

  • Web DeveloperSummer 1999

    Worked as an intern during the summer of 1999. I was responsible for developing and designing small websites for local hotels and businesses.


Programming Languages

  • Java

  • C#

  • ActionScript

  • C++

  • PHP

  • Objective-C


  • Javascript

  • SQL


  • Unity3D

  • Photoshop


  • Windows

  • Linux

  • Eclipse

  • Visual Studio

Contact info

  • Astoria, NY
  • Email:
  • Website:

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USA Character Cards

USA Character Cards

Ready for a classic card game with a fresh twist? Add the value of your cards up to 21 and capture each zone before your opponent can. Challenge your friends to USA Character Cards and play along with your favorite USA Network characters!

  • Simple turn-by-turn play, based on a familiar favorite
  • Play with your friends or instantly match with a random opponent
  • Card decks featuring characters from your favorite USA Network shows
  • Push notifications tell you when it's your turn to make a move
  • Multiple simultaneous games means less waiting
  • Connect with Facebook and play with more of your friends

My Responsibilities

- Lead Engineer.

- Worked closely with a small team that consisted of designers, artists, producers and server engineers.


Year: 2013 Programming Language: C#


Lucky Cruise Slots

Lucky Cruise Slots

Welcome aboard! Featuring your favorite WMS slots from your local casino, Lucky Cruise is the best slot game on Facebook. With our special VIP bonuses and treatment, and special charms you'll never want to reach port!

My Responsibilities

- Core slot machine feature architecture.

- Inbox dialog

- Daily login mini-game

- Many many more


Year: 2012 Programming Language: ActionScript 3

Play (on Facebook)

Nomsters Screenshot


An action/arcade game coming soon to iOS/Android/Facebook. Help the Nomsters fight off the Fruit Fly invasion and save their world in this psychedelic and adventurous mix of pinball and pool. Like this page for updates!

My Responsibilities

- Facebook Open Graph and Achievement integration.

- Minor gameplay mechanics


Year: 2012 Programming Languages: C# Objective-C

Available at the iOS App Store: Nomsters

JPipsoh Screenshot


A simple Java clone of Pipsoh I did while learning Java.

Launch (Java Web Start)


Year: 2008 Programming Language: Java

Available at the Java Corner:

StarPlanner Screenshot


StarPlanner is my BSc Dissertation project named StarPlanner: Demonstrating the use of AI Planning in a video game.


At its core, StarPlanner uses a layered Goal-Oriented Action Planning architecture. It creates high-level strategic plans and mid-level production management plans. It is also able to reactively replan. Finally, low level managers, such as squad manager, training manager, etc, are responsible for carrying out the plans.


Year: 2010 Programming Language: Java

Official Website:
Relative blogpost:

Xanor Screenshot


Xanor (working title) is a top-down Shooter with many RPG elements. It is currently being developed and, hopefully, will be available as an XBOX Live Indie Game.


  • Four types of spaceships: Fighter, Tank, Berserker and Summoner
  • Different stats for each spaceship as well as a talent tree for each
  • Other than the main quest, there are side-quests and farming maps

Under the hood

Currently the game sports a Component-based Entity System and a simple dialogue system with branching capabilities. A full-blown game editor is on the works for easy content creation.


Year: 2011 Programming Language: C#

Video Demonstration:
Relative blog post: pekalicious: Introducing Xanor (WIP)

ShortCutter Screenshot


ShortCutter is a small launcher with a fast idea!


ShortCutter stays in your System Tray until triggered by a hotkey. Once activated, ShortCutter's main window will appear in the center of the user's cursor. The user then simply hovers over any shortcut to quickly launch the associated application or folder.

In other words, to launch any application the user simply presses the hotkey and moves the mouse.


Year: 2006 Programming Language: Visual Basic 6

Project Webpage:

Final Grade Calculator Screenshot

Final Grade Calculator

Final Grade Calculator is a javascript-based final mark calculator where the user enters his marks so-far in order to calculate what he needs to pass the course.


Year: 2009 Programming Language: HTML, Javascript Technologies: jQuery


PlayBiriba Screenshot

PlayBiriba (discontd.)

PlayBiriba was a client-server implementation of the popular (in Greece) card game Biriba.


Multiplayer (up to eight people in a table)
Point System

Under the hood

Client side, PlayBiriba is written in Java with fully custom graphical user interface. Server side, it is written in erLang to support thousands of players concurrently.

My Responsibilities

My responsibility on PlayBiriba was the client side. I programmed the communication library using JSON as the messaging language and the graphical user interface with custom transparent borders. I was also the lead designer of the entire gameplay experience (how login/logout works, how hosting/joining a table works and how the main table looks and feels like).


Year: 2008 Programming Language: Java, erLang Database: PostgreSQL Technologies: JSON

Demo URL:

Java Corner

Java Corner

A collection of Web Start-enabled Java applications I have done over the years.


Shift Master Screenshot

ShiftMaster (discontd.)

ShiftMaster was an application that automatically generated employer shift schedules.


Rule-based system (add rules for shifts and personnel)
History of schedules
Quick Schedule

My Responsibilities

I was responsible for developing the core functionality of the schedule generator and the rule-based system. To do so, I researched the area of Constraint Satisfaction Problems and used a library named Choco.


Year: 2008 Programming Language: Java Database: Configurable (through Hibernate)

Shift Master Screenshot


RSS GATE is an application that scans RSS feeds and annotates the data using the General Architecture for Text Engineering tool. Thus allowing the user to search entities instead of specific information (i.e. search for any Person instead of searching for Tom). Combined with the ability to track any search, this tool can be used to observe trends.


Read Feeds
Search using meta information (i.e. Location, Date, etc.)
Track Searches
View detailed meta information collected

My Responsibilities

I was responsible for developing the core functionality of searching and processing feeds with the GATE framework.


Year: 2010 Programming Language: Java Database: Serialized Data File Technologies: RSS, GATE

The History of Light

The History of Light

The History of Light is a fun and challenging puzzle game developed for the Symbian OS. It consists of 7 worlds that are designed around a new era of lighting: Sun, Fire, Candle, Kerosene, Incandescent, Fluorescent and LED. Each world introduces a new mechanic with 20 levels of progressive difficulty.


7 unique ways to solve the puzzle
20 levels for each world
Beautiful graphics

My Responsibilities

I was responsible for developing the core functionality in C++ as well as the full graphical representation.


Year: 2011 Programming Language: C++, QML Database: Flat file Platform: Symbian